Redhound Productions is a school-based enterprise that provides ALL of your digital needs!

Redhound Productions gives Corbin Independent students a training ground in a working business that provides product for the community. It provides holistic educational services that incorporate math, writing, reading and other subject areas. Serving the community and creating a product provides authentic learning that goes beyond typical classroom work.

Our Mission is to fulfill all of the production and media needs of the Corbin Independent School District and community while implementing a school-based learning curriculum.  

Our services are done through state-of-the-art equipment and department specialists, as we focus on professionalism, service, and quality.

Redhound Productions operates in conjunction with many school-based foundations and organizations, such as the Corbin Community Coalition, BKW KY ASAP, and 21st Century Learning Community. Each of these organizations support the others through school and community based activities, grant money, and a constant strive to keep a drug free community. 
Redhound Productions 606-528-4067

Redhound Productions ® 108 Roy Kidd Ave, Corbin, KY 40701

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